We will always have Paris.

There is no doubt that from the first, petite, footstep onto Parisienne land, you will instantly feel magic in the air. Stepping off the plane from Pisa to Paris was the first page of my fairy-tale story, which began on a sunny September day in the city of love…

Chapter One:

A fact about me – I’m not good with surprises. However, 5am on Monday 23rdSeptember saw me surprising my boyfriend with a trip to Paris and tickets to Disneyland. I was extremely proud of myself for keeping this secret for a month, despite my excitement. 

Pisa to Paris

1 hour and a half through the clouds and we arrived, bright and early in Paris. Our first mission was to find the Airbnb through the Monday morning hustle and bustle. We were staying close to Sacre Coeur, in an area full of character and originality, the apartment itself embodied all of these traits and the piano and vintage treasures were the first things to steal my heart. After a quick bag drop, we headed out in search of sights and food!

In the clouds.

Reaching the Montmartre district was a delightful surprise, quaint little coffee shops and quintessentially French markets filled the cobbled streets. I spent my time imitating scenes from the film, Amelie, visiting the beautiful basilica, eating homecooked, locally produced food at La Maison Rose and purchasing delicate souvenirs from independent stores. 

La Maison Rose.

In the evening, with our winter coats at hand, we were ready to see the city at night. Crossing over the love lock bridge, passing by the Musée du Louvre and down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées…there is really nowhere that can make you feel like Paris can.

Chapter Two:

After a lazy morning and a thousand renditions of my high school skills of playing Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On, on the piano, I finally managed to get ready in time to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle under the moonlight. Climbing a terrifying 59 floors of the Montparnasse Tower, the rooftop was suddenly in sight. This rooftop offers amazing panoramic views of the city and the chance to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake whilst you’re there. 

Floor 59, Montparnasse Tower.

Next, we moved to Le Marais district where we discovered Le Petite Italien restaurant. The décor was so enchanting, and the food was delicious. After an abundance of pasta and red wine, we headed for Le Perle, a bar that serves a cool and collected arrange of guests at night. It was an ‘interesting’ experience to say the least with a definite fashion week vibe, I even met someone who also attended the London College of Fashion…it’s a small world!


Chapter Three:

DISNEYLAND DAY! Can I just live in Rapunzel’s castle forever?


It was my second time in Disneyland Paris and it is breath-taking every time. Strolling Main Street USA with my Minnie Mouse balloon in hand, could a girl be happier? I think not. Maybe I’m crazy but my favorite aspects of Disney are the flowers and little details in the décor which makes you feel like you’re in this parallel world. I love it! A special day was concluded with the wonderful firework display, let’s just say tears of happiness were shed during the spectacle…



Chapter Four: 

Our last full day consisted of shopping and more food. Direction – Galleries Lafayette. A labyrinth of luxury and class, there is nowhere better to go shopping and be inspired by each collection within its art nouveau walls. The department store holds anything from high-street to haute couture, not to mention the incredible views from the bar on the top floor…it really is a must-see when in Paris! 




The final night passed by with truffle risotto, more wine and romantic scenes of Paris at midnight in the rain. 

Chapter Five:

If I could end this fairy-tale anywhere I would always choose Angelina’s Tea Room. This place has been in Paris for over 120 years, but the hot chocolate is still the best around, there is nowhere that can compare. As I sat in the belle époque style café, I imagined the likes of Coco Chanel coming here to enjoy her morning croissant. I would love to know the stories that are hidden inside of this Parisienne treasure. 



After breakfast, it was straight to the airport and time to head back to the UK. The holiday was over, but the memories will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to return to you one day soon Paris! 

Let me know about your favorite places to visit in France. 

Yours truly,


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