Vintage Fashion Finds


I adore vintage fashion as it has the power to take you to another time, another era. You can transport to a moment in an Audrey Hepburn film in the 60s, give you the feeling of freedom of the 70s or maybe you will be transformed into a 90s cool girl. Each piece has a story.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my vintage fashion finds, in the hope to inspire others to become enchanted by preloved garments. My favourite pieces are listed below…


What: White Alpaca Coat

Where: Vestiaire Collective, Paris

How to wear: Perfection for snowy winter days

Story: This was my first purchase on Vestiaire Collective, so I wanted to make sure to choose a timeless piece that I can wear forever



What: Black Frill Sleeve Dress

Where: Eye Wood Vintage

How to wear: Anytime I want to achieve Jacky O’ vibes. Perfect with an oversized belt to synch in at the waist

Story: I fell instantly in love with its early 60’s authenticity


What: Electric blue mini skirt

Where: Bond Street Vintage

How to wear: With a basic top and my 60s mod style game on!

Story: Fashion can easily be repurposed to save energy and excess textile production. When I first bought this skirt, it had mismatched buttons with a few missing so I decided to upcycle it with these elegant pearl buttons


What: Mariella Dress

Where: Family/Friend

How to wear: I love to wear this with a cute turtle neck underneath with some beautiful boots

Story: This Italian piece was around 30/40 years old and was passed down to me


What: Coral Pleated skirt

Where: Family/Friends

How to wear: This skirt is so versatile, I wear in summer with a cute floral crop top or pair it with a jumper in winter

Story: Another family treasure – I really advise doing clothes swap between your loved ones


What: Milkmaid Corset Top

Where: Depop

How to wear: Worn when I want to be extra Parisienne

Story: The milkmaid trend recently hit the high stores and I became obsessed with this delicate style, luckily Depop was there to save the day!



What: Black Handbag

Where: EyeWood Vintage

How to wear: Perfect for a sophisticated date night

Story: My mum also shares my love for vintage fashion and bought me this as a birthday gift


What: White Leather Handbag

Where: Etsy

How to wear: Paired with my favourite floral summer dress, it’s a dream on a sunny day

Story: I am making a conscious effort to support small Etsy businesses, and this was my first purchase


What: Pearl detailed handbag

Where: A local charity shop

How to wear: Accompanying my favourite pearl earrings

Story: A lovely gift from my nanna!


What: Satin Scarf

Where: Bond Street Vintage

How to wear: As a necktie, or as a bag accessory

Story: Bought for a recent trip to Paris



What: Pearl Earrings

Where: Bond Street Vintage

How to wear: For an elegant affair

Story: I adore anything with pearls, so I instantly gravitated towards these



What: Pretty in pink nightdress

Where: Depop

How to wear: When I want to feel super cute at bedtime

Story: I have owned this nightdress for many years but it’s still one of my summer night essentials


I hope you love my vintage finds as much as I do, be sure to check out my Instagram at @momenti.di.alice to see how I style them!


Yours Truly,




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