An Introduction.


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It is currently 20:10 pm in Pisa, Italy. The rain is pouring, the moon is out, and I suddenly feel moved to create this blog. The creation of Moments of Alice aims to be a diary of my thoughts, travels, passions, and memories.

As a recent graduate of Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion, I have been searching for the perfect outlet to express myself, I hope this blog can give me the guidance both personally and professionally. I have dedicated the final two years of my studies towards the research of sustainable fashion and generally living a more sustainable lifestyle. A lot of the knowledge that I have gained is from the online community, whether it be social media, YouTube videos or blogs, I believe that even the smallest of efforts can make a difference to the wider issue of environmental damage and overconsumption. I hope to do the same.

So, if you share the same passion or curiosity of how to sustainably live in style or want to add your little piece to this journey, stay connected for the perfect posts soon!

Yours Truly,

Alice ☽ ♥

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